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Radiometric Dating Errors: A rebuttal of Brent Dalrymple's book "The Age of the Earth"


The Geological Column

Geological Column






Stellar Dating Methods


Radiometric Dating And The Bible

Dating Metods

A thousand page presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat rebutting Brent Dalrymple's book: "The Age Of The Earth."

Many geology magazine articles contain isotopic ratios with no dates beside them.

When we run the ratios through Microsoft Excel we get impossible ages.

Concordia Isochron Dating
Future Radiometric Dating
Impossible Radiometric Dates
Meteorite Dating
Negative Radiometric Dating
Paul's Book [221 Pages]
Radiometric Dating Methods
Rb/Sr Radiometric Dating
Rocks Older Than The Earth
Rocks Older Than The Galaxy
Rocks Older Than The Sun
Rocks Older Than The Universe
The Nd/Sm Dating Method
The Rb/Sr Dating Method
The Uranium 235 Dating Method
The Uranium 238 Dating Method
Thorium/Lead Dating Method
Very Old Rocks

Astronomy And The Bible

Problems With Evolutionary Astronomy
Astro Biology Quotes
Neutron Star Retention
Retrograde Planetary Orbits
The Origin Of Binary Stars
The Origin Of Uranus
Tidal Locking
What is Missing From The Big Bang



The Origin Of Biodiversity

Does molecular biology support evolution?

Did life arise on Earth by chance?
The Origin Of Life Quote Book
The Origin Of Proteins
Protein Formation

The Evolution Of The Eye


Biblical Archaeology, Dating Methods

Dinosaurs, Islam

The Ten Commandments

The Trinity Deity And Of Christ